My students and patients share with you how angels have changed their lives.

The trips and courses with Angie are phenomenal, because thanks to her experience she knows how to program and teach us just as she gets the message. She makes our greatness emerge and we have her in the angelic part, she always reaches us from the heart and contacts with ours.


I feel happy and comforted that I found my path and my life mission. The feeling that today I can help others as the angels have helped me, as Angelica has helped me, to discover the gifts and talents we have to share with others.


Trips always nourish us, but a trip with Angie and Angels in Your Life becomes a lifetime experience. I had the opportunity to walk Camino de Santiago with the group of Angels in Your Life and it became an experience of personal growth, but especially, of spiritual growth.

Waking up in magical places, meditating at the break of dawn, during the day, meditating at night… for twelve days. I found the purpose of my trip there. I was able to find and decipher many inner aspects I had not seen, I am currently working on them and I feel much happier.

Thank you Angie, thank you Angels in Your Life, for turning this trip into a beautiful experience of spiritual growth!


I remember that before going to my first session with Angie, I was sent to her by my angels. They would tell me “learn more about Archangels” and I would see the drawing of a colorful feather. I am fortunate to have been in contact with my little angels and archangels for many years and I try to listen to their guidance. When I went to therapy I did not know that the courses of The Archangels Series existed, but afterwards everything made sense, added to the great help that I received in therapy. I discovered The Archangels Series, which has been a great pleasure to take and learn more beautiful things by Angie’s hand.


Personally, they have made me put aside much of the negativity in my life, helping me transform the negative into positive.
My life has taken a 180 degree turn since I took the first course with Angie. Before my life was very complicated, but today my life is so simple and easy to live with the help of the Archangels. I am very grateful to God for having put Angie in my path and for teaching me that you can be happy in this life.
Ma. Cristina

The angels have allowed me to see the abundance in my life in many ways, and they have taught me to manifest a much fuller life.