Who is Angélica Bovino?

Being a Communication Sciences graduate from Universidad Intercontinental in Mexico City, I dedicated several years to the fields of advertising and marketing, always with psychology hovering around both in my mind and in my heart. I started in psychology thanks to a huge personal growth desire and the will to turn psychotherapy into not only into my job, but into my whole lifestyle. In addition to my own therapeutic process, I studied a Diploma in Human Development at the Institute for Human Development and Transcendence (IDEHT), followed by the specialty in Humanist Orientation and the specialty in Gestalt Psychotherapy, at the Humanist Institute of Gestalt Psychotherapy (IHPG).

In addition to personal development, the need to venture into the spiritual field grew inside me. Following my intuition, I began to study about angels, first in a self-taught way, later certifying myself as an Angel Therapy Practitioner with Dr. Doreen Virtue, among other courses and workshops.

I am a born idealist, I believe that the most valuable thing that we human beings have is ourselves. I believe in the intrinsic goodness in each person and in the possibility of living in harmony and plenitude. I love my work, I love my lifestyle, because it allows me, in a way, to sow seeds in each one of my patients, in each one of those attending my workshops, in each one of my students; seeds, which I am sure, help build a better world.




Who are the angels?

The word “angel” means messenger. Angels are messengers of God and have been since the beginning of time. They are here to remind us that God loves us unconditionally, to help us turn our gaze in His direction, and help us return to our origin, to the core of the soul.

The message that angels bring us is a message of love and, at times, it seems that they are the message itself, since they vibrate in the frequency of unconditional love and shower this feeling over us. Angels are love and they are here to remind us that we also can and must live in this frequency.

Angels come to help us reclaim our inner peace, our innocence, our inner child; to bring light into our existence, to light up the dark corners in our hearts, and to help us fix and heal what is wrong in our lives.

Our heavenly messengers have many roles: to love us, comfort us, accompany us, protect us, guide us, among others. However, one of their most important roles is to remind us our purpose in this world / time / space.

What is Angels in your life?

The main purpose of Angels in Your Life is to teach people to see beyond what they can touch, beyond what the physical eyes can see, beyond the ordinary and the everyday life, to begin to perceive the extraordinary, what is truly valuable, what can only be seen through the eyes of the soul. We at Angels in Your Life call this alternate reality our REAL world.

In the world of the tangible, Angels in Your Life is a web page, where you can read about angels and their messages. Here you will find information about upcoming courses, the meaning of angel therapy, and details on certified people who offer it. We also call our office Angels in Your Life, the physical place where we work, where you can go and take therapy or enroll in a course.

The truth is that Angels in Your Life is much more than this; it is a school of angels, spirituality, but especially, a SCHOOL OF LIFE, where each one of us, through courses and certifications, understand who we are and the reason for being in this earthly plane. Angels in Your Life is a threshold between the material and the spiritual worlds; once the spiritual world is accessed, nothing will be the same, it becomes a milestone in life.


All the people who integrate Angels in Your Life (certified angel therapists) keep close communication and we constantly support each other in all areas. This is what makes us a FAMILY, an extensive spiritual network where we constantly feel acknowledged, supported, accepted, understood, and deeply loved.

Angels in Your Life is a journey of HEALING, where every day you learn how to become a better person, to serve others, to see the world through the compassionate eyes of angels, and to live from the heart.
In short, Angels in Your Life is a little piece of HOME, the place where we can always come back to remember who we are, recover our power, reconnect with God and with the angels, and fill our hearts again with unconditional love.