What is angel therapy?

Angel therapy is a spiritual healing method, through which we allow angels to interact with us on two levels: the conscious one and the energetic one.

On the conscious level, angels allow us to see our life through their eyes, letting us know through the angel therapist, which aspects of our existence can be changed and improved to achieve greater fulfillment.

On the energetic level, they help us heal by removing the blockage caused by beliefs, habits, or customs based on fear, and allow us to create, through our feelings and thoughts, a higher vibratory field that leads us to flow in a better way.

An angel therapy session consists of three parts: channeling (message from your angels), scanning the energy system, and healing using archangel light.

Appointments with Angélica

Do you wish to experience what it feels like to receive messages, guidance, and healing from your angels?

Angélica, with over 15 years of experience as an angel therapist, will channel the messages and healing light from your angels for you, always within an environment filled with coordination, respect, compassion, empathy, and unconditional love.

Appointments with Angelica can be either face-to-face or remote.


Angel Therapists at Angels in Your Life

Angels in Your Life collaborates with angel therapists who specialize in different areas.

We offer angel therapy options, animal healing, and yoga / therapy.

Certified angel therapist in advanced techniques for angel therapy levels 1 and 2. She has more than 7 years of experience in various spiritual energy and angelic healing techniques with international certifications.

Sandy Mejía Galán

Angel Therapist

Vinyasa Yoga instructor for adults, children, families, prenatal and postnatal yoga. Angel therapist certified by Angels in Your Life.

Founder of Momento Yoga.

Adriana Arroyo

Angelic Yoga: Class and therapy

Angel therapist certified by Angélica Bovino, Tania Karam, Interspecies Communicator, Access Consciousness Bar Facilitator, Facelift and body processes.

Mariana Jiménez Álvarez

Angel Therapist for people and animals