Dear brothers and sisters of light:


You should not fear, instead, you should TRUST. Remember that now you have the power to manifest your reality, and today, more than ever, the world is going to be divided between those who live in love and those who live in fear.

All the catastrophes, economic, political, and personal crises that you fear so much are already happening; you have two options: learn from them and turn them into positive energy or complain and turn them negative.

You should not live all these situations as a divine punishment, these situations were chosen by you, as humanity, when you returned to earth, you chose them to learn and continue transcending as souls; some of you even volunteered to die in catastrophes, wars, etc., so that your souls could continue to grow, and your brothers and sisters could obtain positive learning. Do you find this difficult to understand?

Don’t worry, what we want to make very clear to you, is that by choosing how to live this reality you can continue to live in fear, or you can live in light. Yes, even in the darkest places and situations you will find light, and with a ray of light that shines within the darkness, the darkness vanishes.

Whenever you are experiencing a situation that seems unpleasant, uncomfortable, or painful, ask yourself: What do I have to learn from this situation? What can I do to bring light to this situation? If I do this that I imagine, will I feel peace?

You will live fear and light simultaneously for a while, as two alternate realities, where you can decide which reality you want to live in: the same situation can be perceived by two different people as negative or positive, it is a matter of perception.

So those of you who are awake, who live with an open and full heart, will find blessings in every situation. While those who live in the ego and in the rational mind, will find only obstacles.

Do you see what I tell you? You are now living the awakening, those who have already awakened have the task of helping those around them, not with hollow words, but modeling them through their actions, teaching them new ways of relating and living from the heart and in consistency.

Those of you who have already awakened must lose your fear and know that God is with you, that we angels are constantly guiding you and that if you are in the light and with the light, nothing can happen to you.

It is important that you remember that you yourselves are light, that when God created you, he made you in his image and likeness, that your main component is the love of God. Seek God within yourselves, know that He lives in each one of you, and when you meet again with this inner divine light, you will know, once and for all, that nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that is not divinely orchestrated for your highest good, can happen.

Don’t forget your creative power either; each one of you, through your divine magic, is creating your own reality; take care of your words, your wishes, your affirmations, get used to speaking positively and only wishing for situations that involve love in your life, you will see how your reality begins to transform.

Be aware of each of your actions and ensure that each of them is directed from your heart.

There are five words that, in these times that you are already living, you must keep in mind: FAITH, HOPE, TRUST, LOVE AND COMPASSION. Know that each of you has these five virtues in your system, you just must activate them.

The awakening of humanity is just around the corner, and you will live the beautiful and full reality that you have been waiting for.


We love you; we honor your decision to live these times and we are accompanying you today and always.


Archangel Metatron and his legion of angels.