My dears:

My soul rejoices when you come near me! Know that you are deeply loved and sustained by me.

I see with sadness that many of you live in solitude, misery, and agony; as a mother, I feel sorry and would like to help you, but I am aware that you yourself must choose to live in a better way.

It is you, who must open your heart and love your fellow men, it is you who must stop looking for the value of material things and start weighing the unique and immense value of love.

I, and all the beings of light that accompany me, love you deeply; love is here for all of you, in the air, in the atmosphere, in the plants, in the animals and in every living being found on Earth. Love is the most valuable gift you have, and it is the only vehicle that will take you out of the loneliness, misery, and agony in which you find yourself.

The way to access love is simply by opening your heart and taking it, risking living in innocence again, daring to see the world again with the eyes of a child, being brave enough to trust again and to understand that life has a flow and that you just must flow in it. Open your heart to life, to love in general, with that feeling that comes from your heart to be shared with your partner, your family, your friends and go even further with the world around you.

You will see that you will find true happiness in the deep joy of sharing this love that already exists and that emanates from your heart as a source of infinite Light.

As you find this source of love, you must know that we are always with you. When you feel sad, come to me; put your head on my lap and cry; your tears, blessed to me, will become the stars that adorn my mantle. Every tear you shed is a form of purification, of cleaning your heart and brings you closer to that pure and innocent love that already exists within you.

Always remember that you are never alone, you are always surrounded by angels and beings of light and protected by my starry mantle.


We love you deeply.

Mother Mary