Dear brothers and sisters:


Beyond the relationship with God and with yourself, the family is the basic source of growth and love. 

You must consider that, before coming to this plane, you selected the family in which you were going to be born, you chose your parents, your siblings and all your direct relatives.

Well, know that each one of your relationships is part of a very fine web that facilitates your growth. Each of your relationships, each situation of love, joy, encounter, disagreement, abandonment, abuse, abundance, lack, closeness, or distance was created by your soul to achieve even greater growth. So, each situation that arises in the nucleus of the family, no matter how simple or complicated it may seem, is a step-up in the evolution of your soul.

For these situations, which sometimes involve pain, to become growth, it is required to:


  • Change perspective. Observe the situation from a higher view that allows you to leave the scene and become an external observer.
  • Be aware and honest about the role you played or have been playing.
  • Make a list of the abilities, talents, strengths, or values ​​that you had to develop to face the situation.
  • Realize what you learned from this situation.


You will realize that by doing so, many things could happen, you might stop fighting, since you will see that your victimizer is your greatest teacher.   It will be much easier to forgive, see the other person with compassion, and maybe (if you can contact your higher self) you might be able to thank him for bringing you all these situations, that led you to develop certain skills and obtain such a meaningful learning.

In this way, recognize your parents, your siblings, and your direct relatives as your travel companions, as your great teachers, your source of deep learning, who allow you to advance more and more in your spirituality. Remember that everything, including your family, is in Divine order and that we are always accompanying you.


We love you, and we are with you, today and always.

Archangel Raguel