My beloved:

Be accompanied by us, your angels. It is a joy for us to walk this path with you.

We have seen you laugh, have fun, suffer, cry, be afraid, fall in love, love deeply. We see you when you feel happy and when you have a hard time accepting yourself. When you feel proud and when you are ashamed of your actions. You must know that we, your angels, love you deeply; we cannot see in you anything other way, than the flame of unconditional love that shines in the center of your chest. And there, where you see darkness and feel ashamed of yourself, we only see your beautiful light.

We honor your passage through this experience that you call life, we honor your learnings and your growth, we honor the mission that each one of you has with your fellow human beings. We feel identified with your paths, and we feel deeply committed to your development.

Count on us indefinitely, as your fellow travelers, as an inexhaustible source of unconditional love, as an oasis that offers rest in the middle of the road. See us as your tireless friends, as happy collaborators and your greatest fans.

Let us lighten your journey, help you carry the heavy load on your back, remove the obstacles that stand in your way, and bring light when you can’t see in the dark. Let us help you out of fear, to help you live in love again.

We love you and accompany you always,

Your angels.