My dear ones: 

All of you vibrating in the light and living in awareness have gone through a period of transition, many have experienced changes, losses, separations, crises, among many other things. We could say that each one of you has had their own earthquake, where old structures had to be demolished in order to have fertile ground to sow the new.

Some of you lived through hard situations, where you had the choice to live in fear, drama, loneliness, and anguish; however, we watched with happiness as many of you, despite these situations, decided to live in love, acknowledging yourselves as children of God, and trusting each of your processes, even without fully understanding them at times.

Well, the way out of this rising maelstrom transition is through faith. This new FAITH that we are talking about goes far beyond what you understand by simple faith.

Previously you had faith in an omnipresent and almighty God; however, this concept of God for many of you was distant and at times absent. Throughout all this awakening, you have learned that this wonderful, omnipresent, all-powerful, luminous, eternal God lives and is present in every particle of the Universe. You have learned that this God is alive in each of your hearts, in every beat, in every breath… You have learned to see this God in the eyes of others. This new Faith is the faith in this PRESENT GOD, who is also present in each one of you.

And so, when you live in faith, it is time to fully acknowledge the Divinity within you, to recognize yourself as part of this immense light that is God, to recognize that He was not just reborn, but is growing and expanding through you, as you decide, in each of your actions. It is time to recognize, to believe, to know that God lives in you and you live in Him, and that it is this, the light of God, the one that makes you stronger with each passing day, the one that helps you take a step further, the one that drives you to achieve your goals and your highest ideals, which helps you overcome the greatest obstacles and leads you by the hand to achieve your dreams!

It is time to acknowledge yourself as King, SON OF GOD, luminous and worthy. To recognize that God made you in his image and likeness; unique, unrepeatable, perfect for learning and for the mission that you have here, on this Earth. Always beautiful through his divine eyes and deeply powerful from love. It is time to recognize your divine nature and accept once and for all that divinity also reigns within you.

It is time to fly even higher, to go further, to create a much fuller and sublime reality. It is time to trust, TO HAVE FAITH: the truth is that magic is happening.

As always, we wish to remind you that you are not alone, we will fly with you as high as you lead us, always protecting you, taking care of you, guiding you, but especially filling your heart with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

We love you and we are always here for you,

Archangel Michael.