My dear:


We have accompanied you on your way, we know how difficult some sections of your path have been for you; We have seen how you have fallen and gotten up many times, how you have not given up and have continued despite everything. We were there with you every moment, lifting stones, removing obstacles, creating bridges where there was no path, opening doors and encouraging you to move forward.

We have also been in the good times, when we saw your walk lighten up and your heart beat strong and happy, when we saw you daydreaming and creating your life.

Today, you are ready to start a new cycle, a new path and if you allow us, we will walk it beside you. We ask you to always walk it with a smile on your face, with hope and faith, with the certainty that the best is yet to come.

We ask you to go on this path with your head held high, upright, proud of who you are and of everything you have achieved up to this moment, knowing that you are worthy of all the blessings that this new path will bring to you.

On this path there will be beautiful things, but you need to open your eyes, broaden your vision, rise a little to be able to glimpse them. Understand that sometimes the blessings are on the road, but sometimes they are hidden a little further and you need to find them.

We ask you to go with a willing heart, open to love whatever this new path brings for you; trusting that everything that happens in your life will always be divinely orchestrated for your highest good and learning, and that we, your angels, will be near, also accompanying you on this new adventure.


We love you infinitely,

Archangel Gabriel.