I am Archangel Jeremiel. I dedicate myself to being close to humans, to instilling confidence, faith and strengthening their relationship with God. I also dedicate myself to making love grow in each person, as if it were a flower that needs the care of a gardener of love: I water it, I prune it, I make it grow; I water it again, I prune it again… making it stronger and stronger in each person.

There are people who do not find love in their hearts (everyone has it), because they have it blocked; they only seek love abroad, without caring what they can give in return. They are only willing to take it, not to give it. Of course, they feel empty, alone and misunderstood, because they have not found the source of unconditional and unlimited love: love of God… 

Yes, God is in each one of us, so by loving God, you find love in your own heart, you find love for yourself, and you can find love towards your neighbor. When you love God, you are filled with love.

You already found unconditional love in your heart, but sometimes you are afraid to contact it. Why? Because it is so big, so beautiful and so complete that you feel small next to it. Understand it well, it is part of you, when you manage to integrate it, when you integrate that small being into the great being that is your own capacity to love, you will feel your true power, your true essence and you will realize that you are part of God.

Always remember that you are one with God, YOU ARE LOVE, YOU ARE SON OF GOD, PERFECT AND COMPLETE.

Invite me to come into your life and grow unconditional love in your heart and I will stay forever.


Archangel Jeremiel