My Dear:

Sometimes you may feel that life itself is overwhelming, that the problems you have or the challenges you face are greater than what you are capable of solving or achieving. Sometimes you can see problems as a big wave that is about to crash right above you, crushing you, leaving you unable to move on with your life, nullifying you. Sometimes, when facing these great challenges, you feel small and incapable, you feel fear and sometimes this fear can be paralyzing.

Well, if you ever feel like this, there are several things you need to remember:

  • YOU ARE NEVER ALONE: We are always, ALWAYS by your side and we are ready to help you overcome any obstacle, no matter its size or how difficult the situation may seem; you just have to ask.
  • YOUR ABILITY TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS GOES HAND IN HAND WITH THE CHALLENGES YOU FACE: The challenges that life, the Universe, God, and the angels place in front of you are those that you have the ability to face, they will help you grow as a human being, they are going to make you draw your inner talents, abilities, and strengths, which you may not even know you have. When you overcome these challenges, you will be able to see and validate how great you ALREADY are.
  • GOD IS ALWAYS YOUR VEHICLE AND MAIN SUPPORT: Imagine that God gives you a surfboard to get past this great wave and SURFS WITH YOU!!


Always remember that your attitude, your thoughts and your feelings will determine your perspective on life and therefore the situations you face. Try to keep your mind in a positive state, hoping for the best in every situation, and have CONFIDENCE inside your heart telling you that you will be able to overcome all the obstacles that come your way.

You are our greatest warrior and we are here to accompany you always.

With all our love,

Archangel Michael.