Dear brothers:

Once again, we emphasize the importance of being grateful. When we tell you to be grateful, we are not doing it because we angels or God himself need this praise; but for you to learn to elevate your energy system and create a fuller reality for yourself.

When you thank, many things happen. Before saying thank you, you need to have something to be grateful for, this means considering that moment or space and looking for something positive that you can focus on. Simply being grateful forces you to focus on the positive. You are not grateful for what you lack, normally you are grateful for what is there. By focusing on the positive part, you are already generating a different approach to life.

In the second instance, when you thank and do it from the heart, you cause the energy of your heart to expand; through this you open your heart, you come in contact with your feelings and your inner being.

Finally, gratitude and love are two of the highest vibrations, when you are grateful you raise your personal vibration.

Why do we make so much emphasis on this? The situations that you attract into your life go hand in hand with your personal vibration, your thoughts, feelings and, of course, your actions. As long as you make sure that these four aspects are congruent and positive, you will attract benevolent situations to your life; If your personal vibration is low, your negative thoughts and feelings will surely be attracting unfavorable situations.

As you raise your personal vibration, you will help your environment elevate; when you become positive, you illuminate your surroundings and show others how to become positive as well.

As more beings raise their personal energy, the energy of your family, group, community, and even the planet will reach higher.

Do you realize the importance of what I say?

Remember: Being grateful helps you focus on the positive (thoughts), open your heart (feelings), and raise your personal vibration. It is through this that you attract a fuller reality (actions) and help illuminate your environment.

At every moment, in every situation in your life, ask yourself: What do I have to be thankful for in this situation? And get used to being grateful.

We love you and we are always by your side,
Archangel Uriel.