My dear ones:

Once again we insist on these two basic concepts, which allow you to live in harmony and reach the inner peace you long so much:

  • Flowing with change.
  • Living in detachment.

These lines may seem simple, but they are very meaningful.

Remember, brothers, that human life is not static, it is in constant movement. It is constantly evolving, changing; simply take the human body as an example: the heart beats, the blood flows, the lungs breathe, the muscles stretch and contract, there are electric impulses, and organs work. This makes one second completely and absolutely different from the next. It will never be the same. This happens with animals and plants as well, with the whole planet. As you might notice, this causes a constant in earthly existence: movement, and with it comes change. To act as if something were fully and absolutely static is practically impossible.

Then, if human beings are undergoing constant change, circumstances change as well; in this way, we can state that evolution and movement are REGULAR. Can you see it? Pretending that your life circumstances do not change would be going against your nature. Then, why become attached? Why are you exhausting yourselves trying to avoid the inevitable? The best thing you can do is to learn how to flow with change.

Understanding that nothing is forever, that life is like dancing and that you have learned to dance; that there will be moments to enjoy and moments of letting go; moments of full rapport and individual times, moments of harmony and times of apparent “chaos”… And there will also be moments when the music stops and silence will reign. It is ever-changing.

Flowing is accepting that this moment, as good or bad as it is, shall pass too and will be substituted by other moments, other situations, and other events, which in the end are what make you feel that you are still alive.

Living in detachment is not clinging to anything, no instant, person, or situation; knowing that as you resist natural and inevitable change, you will find yourself facing frustration and pain; and understanding that, as you accept this life flow you will face the joy of being and feeling alive.

Once more we hope these words are meaningful to you, and we ask you to open up your hearts to the love we angels give you.

We love you always,

Archangel Gabriel