My dear children:


Today you are meant to be festive, to pay homage to the Light, to the resurrection and to love.

It is not enough to celebrate, to go to church and get together as a family to celebrate Easter. Some of you have called me Master, well, let me teach you that my death and my resurrection also had the function of showing you the way to your own resurrection. 

How many of you are dead in life? How many asleep in your consciousness? How many going through difficult life situations that you consider inevitable? How many feel prisoners of your own existence? How many cannot see the path that inevitably opens before you as a new possibility?

Well, for some time the whole of humanity decided to live in darkness, in pain, in agony, on THE CROSS…

Today I invite you to transcend that moment of pain, to get out of the prison that you, through your thoughts and limitations, are constantly creating for yourself; to stop being victims of others to become the absolute creators of your existence. I invite you to overcome obstacles, to remove stones, to relief fear and surrender to the Light.

May this Easter and every day of your life be a Resurrection, a rebirth in light, a BEING ALIVE AGAIN in joy and love.

In the Light I accompany you, honor you and love you unconditionally,