My dearest child:

I know that your future still looks uncertain, I know that you are standing at the beginning of the road, still deciding whether you should or should not begin to walk. I know that despite how much you have walked alongside us, you sometimes feel afraid to take these new steps and walk this new path.

My child, I understand your fears, I understand that you would like to know and guarantee that everything will be fine, that you will step on firm ground each time and that there will be no obstacles to make you trip or fall. 

How about if you stop looking for guarantees, if you realize that us, your angels, are looking after you every step of the way, that even where the ground is not solid, we hold you and take care of you. How about if you realized that you have beautiful wings that allow you to fly where you can not walk.

If you could see how we, your angels, work for you, how, when you allow us through your trust, we eliminate the barriers on the path before you get to them. How about if you noticed that behind every hurdle there is a lesson and behind every lesson there is a blessing.

My child, what if you let yourself be held by God’s hand, if you walked this new path trusting His unconditional love, what if you put yourself in His hands and trust your walk to Him, knowing that when you are beside Him, when He holds you nothing can be wrong.

This is your path, these are your feet to walk it, and here we are to walk alongside you every step of the way.

We love you and will be with you always,

Archangel Gabriel