My dear ones:

All of you have learned how to relate to money in different ways, but almost everyone agrees that you have a relationship with money that is ultimately wrong:

Some treasure it, give it great importance, deify it, and make it the center of their life. They work their whole lives, day in, day out to earn it, they save it and don’t want to spend it, they imprison it, they keep it, they accumulate it; and with what purpose? So that at the end of their lives it is distributed among other people who may or may not value it.

Others spend it too much, waste it, go into great debt with no awareness at all, and then ignore how to pay for the amount spent.

And yet others secretly despise it, while knowing that they need it, they consider it to be the source of great catastrophes and problems.

Others push it away with constant thoughts of misery, thinking that having it is unattainable. Others are anxious to have it and seek to spend it in a hurry.

You must know that money is neither good nor bad, it does not even have all the power that you are giving it. You must know that money is just one more manifestation of the Universal Divine energy. It is a means that allows you to reach other places, fulfill your dreams, and obtain other goods.

In order to have a good relationship with money, you must understand it as an energy that requires to flow easily, not to be held back, which shall be received with gratitude and joy, and let flow in the same way.

Understand that money is the means, not the end, like everything that exists, which is part of creation, therefore part of the Divinity and of the whole.
Welcome money into your life, let it flow, and allow God to manifest through it as well.

With love,

Archangel Ariel.

Fragment taken from my book Living in Abundance by the Hand of the Angels. Click here if you wish to purchase the book.