My dear ones:

We know, we are aware of how painful it is for many of you to have lost close family members, people to whom you felt deeply connected to, and who leave a great void in your life, which is very hard, almost impossible to fill again. A series of feelings arise from the death of a family member, and these must have an outlet or flow, which must be expressed; they also shall be always channeled in a positive way.

From your human perspective, the fact of “losing” a relative can lead to sadness, anger, rage, uncertainty, confusion. All these feelings come from attachment and resistance to change; they are very human feelings and they should not be judged or repressed; as they appear, they must simply be experienced and allowed to flow in the total and absolute awareness that they are part of a process of mourning and detachment. I wish to remind you that death is returning home, returning to the source after having been in this life, learning and sharing what was learned, evolving as souls, becoming higher and higher beings.

Death is the separation from the physical body, which served as a vehicle for the soul; it is the transformation, the liberation of the soul that prevails even after death.

Now, for those of you saying goodbye to a family member, you may experience it in a different way: the pain of losing your loved one will be present; however, you can choose to experience that pain through suffering, attachment, and hopelessness; or you can choose to be aware that these beings, deeply loved by you, have transcended, that they are at home close to God, surrounded by angels and beings of light that accompany Him; you can choose to live this pain in the awareness that grief is a process; a path that is traveled as a way to honor and say goodbye to those we love and with the faith and hope that you will meet again as souls.

With this, my dear, I am not telling you that you will not miss those beings that you loved so much, or that their departure will not hurt you, but I also wish to tell you that you will find the consolation that you long for at the bottom of your heart.

I invite you, my beloved one, to create a bubble of light inside your heart each time you miss your loved one and fill it with everything that you would like to express to your family member. Then, from your heart, and with an exhalation, send that bubble towards the soul of that person you love so much, with the complete assurance that it will be received by their soul.

Remember that we, your angels, are accompanying you, seeking to lighten the heavy burden that this process implies for you; we embrace you, we console you, and we whisper how much we love you at all times. Just be open to receive all of this.

With the deepest love and compassion,

Archangel Azrael.