My beautiful girl:

A world has been built over the centuries where aggressiveness and fear reign. Sometimes I have heard how in your mind you ask yourself: What can I do to make a change?

There are many actions that can be taken: open your heart, vibrate higher, sow the seed of peace in your heart; however, there is one particular action that can help so much and it is to watch your words.

Your words are the reflection of the interaction between each of you. If links were bridges, words would be the bricks that build them. If you take care of your words, you are taking care of your communications and therefore your relationships. If every brick that you put on this wonderful bridge is a brick of light and love, you will get luminous and loving bridges.

So I am specifically asking you to make sure that each of your words comes from your heart, that even when you express anger, pain, or frustration, you bathe your words with light and love before they leave your mouth.

You will see that by improving your communications, you will improve your relationships and by doing so, you are doing your part in building a better world.

I love you forever,
Archangel Gabriel.

Fragment taken from my book Living in Abundance by the Hand of the Angels. Click here if you wish to purchase the book.