My dear girl:

Realize the importance of sexuality in your life. Sexuality is the beginning of everything, it is where yin and yang meet, where the seed finds fertile ground and becomes fruit.

For centuries, you have been led to believe that sexuality is negative, that it is dirty, that it is an impure act. This is not real. There is no greater purity than bare love, open, fearless, there is no greater purity than the sublime connection between two beings who love each other.
Sexuality is part of your human condition and when it is well managed it is the closest thing to unconditional love that can exist. Realize, my girl, the importance of what I tell you.

Sexuality is the purest, most sublime, most tender, greatest act of love that can exist; and yes, in that act of love, in that divine connection is where God is and where life is created.

That is why we ask you to live it to the fullest, to enjoy it; but also, as every act of your life, you shall live it in complete and absolute awareness, with responsibility, with love, with respect for your own body and for your partner’s body.

We love you always,
Archangel Haniel.