My Dear:

We have seen your walk and we are in awe with all of what you are, the way in which you have moved forward, and how much you have grown. We honor you, we recognize you as a beautiful, courageous being, who is filled with light. We know that as we tell you this, you make diminish yourself and feel embarrassed. We just want to remind you that we do not seek to flatter you, we see your greatness in each of your actions, we see the love that exists in your heart and the way you have learned to share this love with those around you. We see your efforts to move forward, to become better every day and to grow.

We just want to remind you that you are an angel in the making, you are also part of God’s creation, and a radiant and luminous being like us, and you also have wings to fly (even if you do not believe in them and you cannot see them).

That is why we ask you to open your wings and fly high, give yourself permission to dream and trust that together you, we angels, and God will go very far.

We love you unconditionally.

Today and always,

Your angels.


Fragment taken from my book Living in Abundance by the Hand of the Angels. Click here if you wish to purchase the book.