My beloved girl:

You ask us about 2021 and what will come for humanity in this new year that is about to begin. Before talking about 2021 we want to go back and make a review of what we have experienced. Many of you see 2020 as a fateful year, a year in which the way you lived changed completely and which brought many losses. Nothing could be further from the truth, from our perspective, the angels see this year as the year of the GREAT AWAKENING.

What does this mean? 

The perspective that some humans have on this year is that they went from a supposed “order” to chaos, some of you still feel lost without knowing exactly where you are standing or the direction you need to take. We share with you that the opposite happened: 2020 was the year in which the chaos in which you lived -excesses in all possible senses, stress, living without meaning, or giving things the wrong meaning- is over, so that you are now able to start living in a new order.

At the beginning of 2020, we showed you the image of a year that was coming with great force, a year that would put you in a better place, we showed you that it would be an exceptional year because it would invite you to show the best of you, and, although many of you can’t see it yet, that’s just what happened.

2020 for us angels was the year of the GREAT AWAKENING, the year in which the whole humanity finally made a stop and started looking inside, the year in which families were reunited, in which values ​​changed, and hearts met. They opened to give way to love and compassion.

There were many losses, yes, we remind you that in order to experience this awakening, the whole humanity had to be shaken and there were souls who, before coming to Earth, proudly signed themselves up to be the detonators of this event.

2020 was the year in which you finally realized that you are ONE, that what one does affects you all, you stopped thinking from a selfish perspective that did not allow you to see your fellow humans and began to realize that you are all part of the same humanity and are interconnected.

You learned the difference from living in fear to living in love and understood that each of you chooses the way you see and stand in life. Fortunately, many woke up and chose to live love.
You got creative, you invented new ways to study, to have fun, to work, to earn money, you made new routines in your life and you found new hobbies. You stopped looking outside to look inside and found the wealth that exists in your hearts.

In 2020 you released, freed, let go of what had tied you down, some of you did it from your own free will, others were forced to. This detachment may seem painful at first, but in the end it was something beneficial that allowed you to get in touch with your deepest essence and your deepest longings.

2020 was a year of healing, many aspects that had to be healed came to light, this happened on an individual level and on a global level, situations that were painful emerged, both for each human being and for all humanity; but which, when brought to light, started to heal.

For us angels it was a beautiful year, it was fascinating to see how human beings started their awakening, how they are opening their hearts and turning over to their interior lights and, with each light that was turned on, the entire humanity was enlightening.

It was beautiful to see how even though many still lived in fear, they were raising the frequency of the entire planet and how they were able to cross the threshold that would take them to a new dimension.

What’s next for 2021?

I, Archangel Metatron, wish to tell you that year 2021 will be divided into two parts: in the first part, the great awakening continues and in the second one you will begin to get a glimpse of the new reality that is coming for you.

In the first half of the year, human beings will continue to be divided between those who are already vibrating in love and those who are still afraid; It will seem that after the threshold of December 21 things did not change much, but believe me that everything will be moving. Human beings will continue to face challenges that will lead them to take up their new place or role in the new humanity. Those who have awakened, who are vibrating in light and love, will find their way and begin to flow through it, smoothly; while those who are vibrating in fear or who still have lessons to complete will find the circumstances which will lead them to the sublime learnings that will lead them to grow. That is why I am telling you that everything you face, everything you experience in these moments, will be full of wealth.

Structures that do not allow you to live in peace and love will continue to crumble, systems that had you tied to living in an automated and meaningless way; you will be increasingly free to live in harmony and peace. Trust! And remember that nothing that is happening is negative, on the contrary, everything is here to take you to a new world.

During this period, many human beings will have the need to reinvent themselves and find new paths, this will lead them to look inside themselves, to see what their gifts and talents are, to reconnect with their dreams, to find new paths and to risk taking them. By doing this, many of you will find your life mission.

You must know that this awakening is not the same for everyone; all of you will wake up to the light and to a more loving world; however, some will wake up and find their life mission in spirituality, while others will find their missions in education, in creating new forms of organization in communities, in ecology, in agriculture, in science, etc. It will be beautiful to see how the entire humanity gets organized to establish these new forms that will be the foundation for the new humanity.

There are two important situations that you must be aware of in this first period of 2021, the first one is a great truth that will be revealed around March, it will be very strong for some to learn it; however, it will be liberating for the whole humanity.

The second situation is a great learning that you will have as humanity. You are still waiting for solutions to come from the outside, and you are waiting for something great that will come to fix the great problem you are facing. You still expect this to be given to you by an outsider. One of the global learnings that you will experience during this period will be that nothing that is granted from the outside will be the solution to your problems and you will learn that the only viable way out comes from within: from learning to take responsibility for yourself, for your actions, to learn to take care of yourself, your body, your diet, your health, but above all to learn that your thoughts, feelings, and the frequency at which they vibrate will determine your wellbeing.

By the second half of the year, the buds of the new humanity will begin to emerge; the seeds that were planted in 2020 and in the first half of 2021 will begin to germinate. Imagine a field that was cleared of all weeds and in which many seeds were sown with some starting to sprout, this is very important because they will be the foundation of the new reality.
This will bring peace and hope to humanity, you will feel joyful and begin to see with happiness what is coming your way. You will finally understand that the change has been made, that what was will not be again, but what is coming is infinitely better for you.

I, Metatron, wish to tell you that you are doing a great job, that each one of you is a key piece for this new beginning, for a new life in which you will feel full as you have never felt before. From you I ask wisdom, compassion, and for you to fill your hearts with love and hope in the new future that awaits you.

Remember that this is a process that will take you 4 to 5 years, of which one has already gone by, but you must know that what you will begin to glimpse from mid-2021 is wonderful and that, although you will begin to see the outbreaks of this new world, growth and flourishing will occur in the years to come.

This is a new path, I Archangel Gabriel, am in charge of conceptions, births and new beginnings. I remind you that this conception did not begin now, it happened in December 2012, when the seed of this whole new world was sown for you, 2020 was the year of contractions and 2021 is the year in which this new humanity will emerge. I ask you to be filled with faith and hope and not to focus on the pains of childbirth, but on the joy of this new beginning, on the joy of welcoming what is being born for you.

It is me, Archangel Michael who speaks to you. First of all, we ask you not to feel fear, we wish to remind you that all humanity is going through a process of transformation that will lead you to a better way of living, we remind you that you have always been and still are being supported. For some of you it has been hard, especially because you are attached to old ways, old ways of living. We remind you of the importance of practicing detachment and opening up to what is coming, what is already on its way, which is infinitely better than what you had before.

There are certain guidelines that you should not lose sight of and that should be pillars in your life:

  1. Live in love, not in fear: Learn to stand in the light, experiencing love, trusting yourself, life and God.
  2. Open your heart and be compassionate to others: Give yourself permission to live in love and compassion, connect with others from your heart.
  3. Remember that we are all one: All your actions affect your environment and come back to you multiplied.
  4. Look for the hidden blessings in every situation: Remember that everything that happens to you brings sublime learnings implicitly.
  5. Practice detachment: Do not cling to the old ways, let go of what no longer corresponds to your life with gratitude.
  6. Remember your personal power: You are the absolute owner of your life and it is you and only you who can bring the wellbeing that you long for to your life.
  7. You are a gifted being: By sharing these talents with the world, you will find not only a form of personal support, but the joy of serving others.
  8. You are the creator of your reality: Only you can lead yourself to fulfill your dreams, focus on the next step that takes you in that direction.
  9. Remember to take care of yourself: Meditate, take care of your diet, your thoughts, your feelings, and everything you are exposed to.
  10. Remember that you are being supported: We the angels, the archangels, the highest level beings of light, the ascended masters, and God Himself are supporting you.
  11. Have faith and hope: Once again we tell you that this is a new, light-filled beginning for all humanity.

Remember that you are not alone, all celestial beings are by your side, watching with love, compassion, and joy as you achieve the great change.

We deeply honor your soul’s decision to be part of this great change, we honor your bravery, your strength, your courage, and all the small and great efforts you are making to make it happen.

We love you deeply,
The Archangels.